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iRie Rockers Fm is your top choice for discovering new hits or tuning into the most fascinating radio shows. With our music curators working around the clock to provide you with the highest quality reggae hits, you’ll never get bored listening to our station. Tune in and let our hosts and DJs entertain you with amazing music, fascinating events, and more.

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K Vibes Latest Released

My song As He Made You comes at a much needed time when skin bleaching has reached epidemic proportions around the world among people of color. I truly believe everyone is beautiful just the way God made them. I wrote this song to appeal to those who can not identify with the idea that not only is black beautiful, but that we should love ourselves as he made us. This will allow others to love us for who we are and not an image of what we think others want to see. Just as racism is a sickness unto death so is self hatred.  - K Vibes / Bryck Rose.

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Slashe - Work That Body

The song celebrates the beauty and sex appeal of the fairer sex as their minds and bodies become intoxicated by the pulsating beat and catchy lyrics of this club banging, infectious track.

WORK THAT BODY is a blend of the dancehall and reggaeton genres, and even though the song aims to target the Spanish market, SLASHE is sure it will resonate with females from various cultural origins.

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